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Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University was established in 1872 in the historic mid-Wales coastal town of Aberystwyth. The Institute for Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) has a unique position as a research and teaching institute within the university. As a research institute it traces its origins back to the Welsh Plant Breeding Station (WPBS) which was established in 1919. IBERS is a world leader in forage and ruminant research and hosts the world class AberInnovation - Future Foods Centre. This expertise, and our close association with  Aberystwyth’s Behavioural Insights Centre, Vet School and Business School, feeds directly into our teaching programmes.

Established in 2012, IBERS Distance Learning has an excellent track record in training agrifood professionals. Our carefully curated online modules provide you with the latest thinking in sustainability practices and technologies as well as the communication tools to allow you to pass on this knowledge effectively. Our aim is to support the sector to become more sustainable and resilient by helping it to adopt circular economy approaches.

The IBERS DL programme’s ‘pay-as-you-go’, ‘pick-and-mix’ format means that you can take individual modules or build up to a range of postgraduate qualifications.  So, if you are interested in ideas such as: shorter supply chains, waste reduction and tools to identify carbon hotspots, in sectors ranging from meat and dairy to vertical farming, this could be the programme for you!

All qualifications available through IBERS DL are validated by Aberystwyth University.

Delivery Partners

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Swansea University

The Faculty of Science and Engineering at Swansea University is a nationally and globally recognised centre of excellence providing an innovative, inclusive learning environment that produces lifelong learners who are prepared for the global economy, delivering world-class research unencumbered by traditional boundaries between fields, and serving the local, national and global societies in meeting present and future challenges. The Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at SU has received substantial funding to reduce industrial carbon emissions (RICE, EU £9.2 million) by translating and de-risking state-of-the-art research into industry. This directly impacts on climate change as well as speeding up the race to net zero. In addition, this work has led to the development of a true circular economy that recycles industrial CO2, NOx, and POx, into products for the agri-food markets via algae technologies. This expertise has been drawn upon to develop modules providing practical engineering solutions to the 'circular economy' challenge.

Menter a Busnes on behalf of Aberystwyth Business School

Menter a Busnes supports business start-up and growth for individuals, groups and SMEs across Wales and beyond, through tailor-made business support programmes. These programmes, are designed to meet the unique needs of specific target groups, have helped scores of entrepreneurs to get their businesses up and running and ready for growth. Within this Menter a Busnes runs a leadership programme, validated at masters level by the university. The modules provide valuable skills in instigating and managing change and are therefore offered as options in the Agrifood Innovation MSc

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