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Sustainability and Adaptation: Concepts in Practice

Release Date: Oct 2024

Lead Organisation: Centre For Alternative Technology

This module will comprise a series of lectures and practical activities covering a broad range of sustainability topics and group work seminars whereby students work together to develop adaption solutions to climate and environmental change scenarios. The module will be available either through distance learning or as a residential learning experience at the Centre for Alternative Technology. Distance learners will have access to the same lectures as in person participants and take part in interactive online seminars.


  • Fundamentals and examples of transformational adaptation planning approaches and strategies in relation to environmental change
  • The influence of power, knowledge and ethics in the historical development of the climate and biodiversity crisis and and in societal responses.
  • Interdisciplinary, creative and co-creative approaches in developing transformational strategies


  • To embed a thorough understanding of transformational adaptation strategies and processes in responding to environmental change
  • To understand the influence of power, knowledge, and ethics in the development of transformational adaptation responses.
  • To appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of transformational adaptation strategies through facilitated and self-reflective practical team exercises.

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