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Restoration Ecology

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Release Date: May 2025

Lead Organisation: Centre For Alternative Technology

This optional module will be delivered by staff at the Centre for Alternative Technology Graduate School of the Environment. It will provide students on the MSc in Sustainable Horticulture with an opportunity to gain insights into habitat restoration and management. This module will comprise a series of lectures and practical activities. The module will be available either through distance learning or as a residential learning experience at the Centre for Alternative Technology. Lectures draw on a wide variety of theoretical and applied topics with a wide use of case studies throughout. Practicals are based in local habitats for onsite learners and similarly directed field or desk based investigations are provided for distance-learners. Distance learners will also have access to the same lectures as in person participants.


  • Ecosystem change over time and space: biodiversity and connectedness, stabilization wedges, land sparing versus land sharing debate
  • The science behind rewilding, reintroduction and management of invasive species, phytoremediation and restoration of peri-urban spaces.
  • The role of communities, impact of restoration on communities and economies, and the impact of national and international legislation.

Students will:

  • Study the role of ecosystems in sustainability with a focus on their role in biogeochemical cycling, as a sink for carbon and for providing other ecosystem functions.
  • Investigate methods of restoration of habitats, including at landscape and global scales.
  • Appreciate methods of setting restoration goals and assessing the success of restoration projects.
  • Analyse the theoretical science and practical implications of species reintroductions, rewilding and invasive species control.
  • Examine the value of policy, community involvement and public support, health and wellbeing, in habitat restoration and management.
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