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Ecological Assessment

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Release Date: Oct 2024

Lead Organisation: Centre For Alternative Technology

This module will comprise a series of practicals, supported by lecturers and interactive seminars. Praticals will be based in local habitats for onsite learners. Distance learners will be set practical tasks of habitat evaluation for sites local to them and/or be provided with example datasets and information. Lectures will draw on a wide variety of theoretical and applied topics with a wide use of case studies throughout.


Ecological surveys, functional habitat mapping, definitions of ecosystem health and how this might be determined. Recognizing habitat values such as carbon retention, biodiversity, and regulating services. The value and availability of local, national and international data sets, value of citizen science, local and traditional environmental knowledge. Management scenarios to maximize ecosystem health.

Students will:

  • Explore research based methods which have been developed to assess key concepts in sustainable ecology, such as biodiversity, carbon storage and nutrient status and forms of ecosystem functioning.
  • Explore concepts of ecosystem health and functioning and carry out an assessment of habitat function, habitat quality and health.
  • Practice the use of, and evaluate the value of, identification techniques for flora and fauna which focus on different taxonomic levels and morphological-functional groups.
  • Develop critical awareness of the value of local, national, international and traditional records of ecology, ecological health and ecological change and know how to access such records.
  • Use multivariate data and expert knowledge to suggest management plans for ecosystems or habitats.
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