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Conservation Horticulture

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Release Date: May 2025

Lead Organisation: National Botanic Gardens of Wales

Botanic gardens are on the frontline in efforts to conserve plant diversity through deliver of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity’s Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. The realisation of priority outcomes has been underpinned by the work of several key disciplines, including conservation horticulturists. This module is taught by staff from the National Botanic Garden of Wales. It will introduce students to the wide-ranging activities of a modern botanic garden, from biodiversity conservation and scientific research, through to education and engagement. The teaching will highlight how horticulture cuts across and underpins the various core functions of botanic gardens. The module includes training in plant identification and habitat provision – key skills and knowledge for a conservation horticulturist.


  • Introduction to conservation and botanic gardens
  • Introduction to botany
  • Living and Preserved Collections
  • Botanic gardens and research
  • Habitat Conservation
  • Conservation Horticulture in Society

Students will:

  • Develop a holistic view of the role of horticulture in plant conservation through the examination of the collections based work and practical efforts of botanic gardens, combined with exploring international conventions, and national strategies and policies.
  • Investigate how these instruments can be practically applied to conserve manage and sustainably use biodiversity and the application of horticulture to do so.
  • Have a critical understanding of the global plant conservation agenda, and construct a skills and knowledge framework for horticulture to support global needs and conservation priorities.
  • Develop key skills and knowledge including understanding the basis of plant identification, the value and application of ex-situ collections to conservation, and how botanical institutions can maximise provision for biodiversity. Both developing the skills and highlighting the need for these roles is vital to future proof conservation efforts and ensure succession planning of skilled horticulturalists that support society to meet national and international targets for conservation.
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