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Programming for Agri-technology

Programming for Agri-technology

Release Date: Sept 2024

Lead Organisation: IBERS, Aberystwyth University

Digital skills are increasingly important in the agrifood sector, where they are becoming essential for achieving long-term environmental and economic goals. The availability of data from a wide variety of sources from drones to weather maps, accelerometers to soil moisture sensors provides huge potential for precision solutions, however the ability to integrate these tools to provide tailored solutions is not in everyone’s toolkit.

This introductory course on programming for agritech will delve into the foundational principles of programming and computational logic essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of agricultural technology. Whether you're a novice or have some prior experience, this course is designed to equip you with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to design and build your own programme to integrate agritech tools into useful systems.


The module will provide a series of units focused on:

  • Fundamental programming concepts
  • Computational thinking
  • Reusable code: control statements and functions
  • Writing and running code
  • Understanding the interpreter and error messages
  • Storing and interacting with agritech data

Qualifications which this Module may be Used Towards

MSc Agrifood Innovation Option
MRes Agrifood Innovation Option


Tutors Name
Dr Tomos Fearn

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