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Equine Nutrition

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Release Date: May 2024

Lead Organisation: IBERS, Aberystwyth University

Under development as part of a new Equine Science PGCert

The lectures will consider principals of animal nutrition in a broad context, where the evaluation of feeds in a laboratory and field context will be discussed as will principles of energy and protein metabolism and nutrition. The consequences and possible causes of mineral and vitamin deficiencies and excesses will be considered. This knowledge will then be applied to develop an understanding of ration formulation. The equine specific lectures will cover scientific principles underlying good feeding practice including relation to anatomy and physiology of the digestive tract. Critical analysis of dietary principals for different categories of horse will be explored (e.g. maintenance, working and breeding stock). Lectures may also include reviews and discussion of recent topical research, such as the inclusion of pro and pre-biotics in equine diets due to their actions on hindgut flora and fauna and diet-related diseases.

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