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How are online modules delivered?

Each distance learning module runs for 13 weeks and is delivered entirely online. Learning material in each weekly unit is made up of: an interactive study guide, videoed lectures and discussions, downloadable podcasts (for listening to in the car), guided reading, interactive quizzes, and an online discussion forum. To participate you will need access to broadband that can stream a YouTube video. 

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Please note: Modules with insufficient student numbers may not run.

Behaviour Change

Learn how to increase the uptake of new knowledge, ideas, products and policies We face many challe...

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Business Management for Rural Entrepreneurs

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful entrepreneur. Key skil...

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Controlled Environment Agriculture

Learn about the latest advances in the field of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and how to ...

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Fermentation for Food Applications

Learn how to develop, refine and scale-up processes for brewing, yoghurt and cheese making, probioti...

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Food Innovation

New for 2024 Learn how to identify technological solutions to food processing and development. ...

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Grassland Systems

Learn to maximise the potential of grasslands for food production and ecosystem services. Grasslan...

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Horticultural Science

This module will explore the underlying scientific principles that unlock the practice of sustainabl...

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Livestock Health and Welfare

Improving the living conditions of livestock benefits the animal, the business, and society This mo...

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Livestock Nutrition

Learn to improve production efficiency and meat and milk quality whilst reducing impacts This modul...

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Livestock Production Science

An introduction and overview of livestock production systems The focus of this module is on how to ...

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Low Carbon Livestock

New for 2024! Towards a greener future  This module will examine the challenges facing the li...

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Membrane Filtration Technologies

Reduce “waste” and recover water by refining your by-products Adding value to liquid &l...

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Microalgal Technologies

Microalgae are extremely diverse, and so are their uses. They can play an important role in a ...

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Nuffield Scholarship Project Design

Academic support and credits for new Nuffield Scholars This module is only available to recipients ...

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Plant Breeding

New crop and forage varieties are key to meeting global challenges This module is designed to give ...

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Programming for Agri-technology

Digital skills are increasingly important in the agrifood sector, where they are becoming essential ...

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Research Methods

The Research Methods module is compulsory for anyone wishing to complete an MSc or MRes. It provides...

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Silage Science

Small improvements at each stage of the ensiling process can help to reduce waste and improve silage...

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Soil Science

New for 2025 Under development This module provides an in-depth exploration of soil, encompassing ...

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Sustainable Supply Systems

A look at innovative approaches to economic and environmentally sustainable supply systems Food and...

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Waste Resource Management

Take a Circular Economy approach and learn how ‘waste’ can become a valuable resource T...

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