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Continuing Professional Development

All our our taught modules (except Research Methods) can be take as one-off stand alone modules. 

This is perfect for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or if you just want to pursue your love of learning!  You can even choose not to submit course work and just take the module for information, although you will not be able to gain credits if you do not submit coursework. 

Take a look at all the modules you can take for CPD on our Online Modules and  Worksop Modules pages. 

The timetable of delivery for each module can be found here

Tuition fees per module are the same whether you choose not to submit coursework or if you are working towards a qualification. 

How to apply

If you only want to take a single module from Aberystwyth you will need to apply for am MSc but select NQPG as your qualification. It is safest to apply for the MSc Agrifood Innovation as this scheme contains all of our modules. You will not need to upload additional documents or references.The process for Swansea modules is slightly different. Please get in touch so that we can send you a form

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Amanda Wood

It has changed how my business operates and has led me to some further reading and experimentation. I learnt so much about CEA that I think it could be a stand alone degree. I would love to dig further into every aspect more thoroughly.

Downloadable Resources

Research Proposal Form Brochure